Melissa Dawn, where do I know you from...


Melissa Dawn Banuelos, where do I know you from? That's what I asked myself when I appointed her Executive Talent Coordinator and CFO of Zephyr Talent. It turns out that Melissa was cast in Mike Judge's film, Idiocracy in the role of Velveeta, the female newscaster. She was also featured in Man of the House and Boyhood, among other local projects.

Melissa is currently a hardworking, self-employed bookkeeper and mother of two. After spending the last 8 years building her bookkeeping business and then, deciding to have another child 3 years ago, Melissa is now ready to jump back into pursuing her true passion of Acting. She is now on the Zephyr Talent roster with her son, Tristen and soon I hope to add her adorable daughter, Aubrey!

Thanks to Melissa, my office has order, I am less stressed and we laugh a lot! Not only is Melissa beautiful and talented, but she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Keep watching to see where Melissa goes from here. I have a feeling that bookkeeper and mom will not be the only roles she'll be playing.

Welcome to the Zephyr Talent family, Mel.

Photo Credit: Fabrizio

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