Caleb Bendit can't stop smiling...


From the first day I talked to Caleb Bendit, I knew we would create a great partnership. After a mutual departure from another agency, Caleb was ready to hit the ground running. Everything I asked him to do to improve himself and make himself more employable as an actor, he did with purpose and excitement! No one wants it more than him. And I couldn't ask for a better actor to represent Zephyr Talent Agency, as well.

Caleb is from Lake Jackson, Texas, where he started acting at the age of 7 years old. He acted in many plays in various different parts of the state before embarking on a professional acting career. At 16 years old, Caleb is ready to take on the responsilbities of being a working actor by taking the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) to work as legal 18.

Since signing with Zephyr Talent Agency only a few months ago, Caleb has landed a co-staring role as Young Darryl, on NBC's new fall show, Game of Silence. This young man has impressed quite a few casting directors already and we expect him to become a household name sooner rather than later! I guess that's why Caleb Bendit can't stop smiling!

For more about Caleb Bendit... Caleb's Website!

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